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2020H2 News

Dec 02, 2020: Prof. Chun Chen was advanced from Associate Member to Member of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE).

Nov 06, 2020: The paper "Niu, Z., Bian, Y., Xia, T., Zhang, Li.*, Chen, C.* (2021). An optimization approach for fabricating electrospun nanofiber air filters with minimized pressure drop for indoor PM2.5 control." has been accepted by Building and Environment. Congratulations to Zhuolun and Ye!

Nov 02, 2020: Prof. Chun Chen, Tongling Xia, Yue Pan, and Xinxian Yu attend the 16th Conference of the International Society of Indoor Air Quality & Climate (Indoor Air 2020). Four conference papers were presented in the virtual conference.

Oct 23, 2020: The Built Envionment & Energy Laboratory (BEE Lab) at the 3F of Academic Building 1 has been renovated. Many thanks to Zhuolun's efforts!

Oct 07, 2020: Prof. Chun Chen received the research funding from the Boeing Company: "Effectiveness of ultraviolet (UV) disinfection of exhaled bioaerosols in aircraft cabins", No. 2020-GT-193, USD180,000 (~HKD1,395,000), 10/2020 to 09/2021.

Sep 30, 2020: The paper "Dai, H.K., Huang, W., Fu, L., Lin, C.-H., Wei, D., Dong, Z., You, R., Chen, C.* (2021). Investigation of pressure drop in flexible ventilation ducts under different compression ratios and bending angles" has been accepted by Building Simulation. Congratulations to Kelvin! 

Sep 27, 2020: The paper "Xue, J., You, R., Liu, W., Chen, C., Lai, D. (2021). Applications of local climate zone classification scheme to improve urban sustainability: a bibliometric review" has been accepted by Sustainability. 

Sep 23, 2020: The paper "Pan, Y., Lin, C.-H., Wei, D., Dong, Z., Chen, C.* (2021). Computer-aided design of a new cabin supply air nozzle in commercial airplanes for reducing particle deposition" has been accepted by Building and Environment. Congratulations to Yue!

Sep 21, 2020: The paper "Liu, W., van Hooff, T., An, Y., Hu, S., Chen, C.* Modeling transient particle transport in transient indoor airflow by fast fluid dynamics with the Markov chain method." has been accepted by Building and Environment. This is a collaborative research with Prof. Wei Liu from KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden.

Aug 28, 2020: Dr. Ye Bian has finished his Postdoc research in our group. He will join Southeast University, Nanjing, China, as a Research Associate Professor. Best wishes to Ye!  

Aug 01, 2020: Yiding Zhou joined our group as a Ph.D. student. He is from Huazhong University of Science and Technology. Yiding will work on airborne contaminant transport modeling using high-resolution measured airflow. Welcome Yiding!  

Aug 01, 2020: After finishing her work as a Research Assistant, Wenjie Huang re-joined our group as a Ph.D. student. She will work on advanced modeling of airflow and particle transport in enclosed environments. 

Aug 01, 2020: After obtaining his M.Phil. degree in Mechanical and Automation Engineering from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Ho Kam Dai re-joined our group as a Ph.D. student. Kelvin will work on green public housing design using computational fluid dynamics.

Jul 21, 2020: Prof. Chun Chen received the Academic Equipment Grant (AEG) from the Chinese University of Hong Kong: "Airborne particle sizer". No. 3036066, HKD1,218,570, 07/2020 to 02/2021.  

Jul 10, 2020: The paper "Xia, T., Chen, C.* (2020). Evolution of pressure drop across electrospun nanofiber filters clogged by solid particles and its influence on indoor particulate air pollution control" has been accepted by Journal of Hazardous Materials. Congratulations to Tongling! 

Jul 07, 2020: Ho Kam Dai successfully passed his M.Phil. oral defense. His thesis title is "Experimental and modeling study of pressure drop in flexible ventilation ducts". After obtaining his M.Phil. degree, Kelvin will continue to pursuit the Ph.D. degree in our group. Congratulations to Kelvin! 

Jul 02, 2020: Prof. Chun Chen presented a paper "Liu, C., Chen, C.* (2020). Measuring PM2.5 deposition rates under different natural ventilation rates in two classrooms" at the 2020 American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) Annual Conference, June 29–July 02, Virtual Conference, Paper 27040.

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