Building Energy & Environment Laboratory
Let the dream set sail


Sep 20, 2018: Dr. Chao-Hsin Lin from the Boeing Company visited our group

Aug 21, 2018: The paper "Yao, C., Wang, Z., Wang, Q., Bian, Y., Chen, C., Zhang, L., Ren, W. ICL absorption sensor for real-time monitoring of formaldehyde filtration by a nanofiber membrane." has been accepted by Applied Optics. 

Aug 20, 2018: The paper "Liu, C.*, Yang, J., Ji, S., Lu, Y., Wu, P., Chen, C.* Influence of natural ventilation rate on indoor PM2.5 deposition." has been accepted by Building and Environment

Aug 15, 2018: The BEE Lab has been renovated.Thanks to Tongling, Yue, Ye, and Charlie for their hard work!

Aug 03, 2018: Prof. Chun Chen visited the Boeing Company at Everett, WA, USA (Host is Dr. Chao-Hsin Lin).

Aug 01, 2018: Xinxian Yu (Ph.D. student), Ho Kam (Kelvin) Dai (M.Phil. student), and Haiqiang Zhang (RA) joined our group. Welcome!

Jul 31, 2018: Prof. Chun Chen visited the Harvard Center for Green Buildings and Cities at Harvard Graduate School of Design. (Host is Dr. Bing Wang).