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2020H1 News

Jun 30, 2020: Prof. Chun Chen received research funding from Research Grants Council (RGC) of Hong Kong through the General Research Fund (GRF). "Enhancing the performance of electrospun nanofiber filters by structure optimization and their application in buildings for effective indoor PM2.5 control". No. 14204520, HKD873,995, 01/2021 to 12/2023.

Jun 16, 2020: Xinxian Yu passed his written and oral qualifying exams and becomes a Ph.D. candidate. His thesis is about "Modeling and assessment of energy savingfrom radiative cooling". Congratulations to Xinxian!

Jun 09, 2020: Prof. Chun Chen received research funding from University Grants Council (UGC) of Hong Kong through the Research Matching Grant Scheme (RMGS). "Developing a new nozzle for reducing particle deposition in aircraft cabins - Phase II - RMG01", No. 8601256, HKD312,160, and "Fundamental study of airflow distribution in flexible ventilation ducts - RMG01", No. 8601257, HKD405,288, 06/2020 to 07/2022.  

May 06, 2020: The paper "Bian, Y.^, Wang, S.^, Jin, D., Wang, R.*, Chen, C.*, Zhang, L.* (2020). A general anion exchange strategy to transform metal-organic framework embedded nanofibers into high-performance lithium-ion capacitors" has been accepted by Nano Energy. Congratulations to Ye!  

Apr 15, 2020: Wenjie Huang received the Hong Kong Ph.D. Fellowship sponsored by the Research Grants Coucil (RGC) of Hong Kong. Wenjie will continue to work in our group as a Ph.D. student starting in the 2020/21 academic year. Congratulations to Wenjie!  

Apr 01, 2020: The paper "Bian, Y., Chen, C., Wang, R., Wang, S., Pan, Y., Zhao, B., Chen, C.*, Zhang, L.* (2020). Effective removal of particles down to 15 nm using scalable metal-organic framework-based nanofiber filters" has been accepted by Applied Materials Today. Congratulations to Ye!  

Mar 25, 2020: The paper "Pan, Y., Lin, C.-H., Wei, D., Chen, C.* (2020). Influence of surface roughness on particle deposition distribution around multi-slot cabin supply air nozzles of commercial airplanes" has been accepted by Building and Environment. Congratulations to Yue!  

Mar 18, 2020: The paper "Wang, Z., Yang, M., Fu, L., Chen, C., You, R., Ren, W. (2020). Rapid field measurement of ventilation rate using a quartz-enhanced photoacoustic SF6 gas sensor" has been accepted by Measurement Science and Technology. This is a collaborative research with Prof. Wei Ren from our department and Prof. Ruoyu You from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.  

Feb 16, 2020: The paper "Xia, T., Bian, Y., Shi, S., Zhang, L., Chen, C.* (2020). Influence of nanofiber window screens on indoor PM2.5 of outdoor origin and ventilation rate: an experimental and modeling study" has been accepted by Building Simulation. Congratulations to Tongling!  

Feb 13, 2020: Our laboratory has been renamed as "Built Environment & Energy Laboratory". The research directions have been updated. Now our research work has been divided into "Airborne Particle Dynamics in the Built Environment" and "Energy and Comfort in the Built Environment".  

Feb 08, 2020: The paper "Yu, X., Chen, C.* A simulation study for comparing the cooling performance of different daytime radiative cooling materials" has been accepted by Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells. Congratulations to Xinxian!  

Feb 04, 2020: The paper "Xia, T., Chen, C.* Toward understanding the evolution of incense particles on nanofiber filter media: its influence on PM2.5 removal efficiency and pressure drop" has been accepted by Building and Environment. Congratulations to Tongling!  

Feb 02, 2020: Prof. Chun Chen attended the 2020 American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) Winter Conference at Orlando, FL, USA, and gave a talk entitled "Experimental measurements and large eddy simulation of particle deposition distribution around aircraft cabin supply air nozzles" in Seminar 17.

Jan 16, 2020: The Building Energy and Environment Laboratory (BEE Lab) group had a lunch gathering to celebrate the Chinese New Year. In 2019, our group has grown to a group of 10 members including the PI, 6 Ph.D. students/candidates, 1 M.Phil. student, 1 Postdoc, and 1 Research Assistant.  

Jan 03, 2020: Prof. Dayi Lai from Shanghai Jiao Tong University visited our group and gave a talk on "Human thermal comfort and behavior in cities and buildings". We have co-authored with Prof. Lai on three journal papers. The collaboration will continue in the future.

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