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News (2017H2)

Nov 16, 2017: Our collaborative research with Prof. Shanshan Shi from Nanjing University was reported on the Nanjing University news website. The paper is "Shi, S., Bian, Y., Zhang, L., Chen, C.* (2017). A method for assessing the performance of nanofiber films coated on window screens in reducing residential exposures to PM2.5 of outdoor origin in Beijing. Indoor Air, 27, 1190-1200."
Nov 01, 2017: Prof. Li Zhang (Principle Supervisor) and Prof. Chun Chen (Co-Supervisor) received a teaching grant from the university. "Project-based teaching and learning with hands-on experience on nanotechnology for innovation and design." The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Teaching Development and Language Enhancement Grant (TDLEG), HKD100,000, 11/2017 to 06/2019.

Oct 22, 2017: The paper "Xia T., Bian Y, Zhang L., and Chen C.*, Relationship between pressure drop and face velocity for electrospun nanofiber filters" has been accepted by Energy and Buildings. Congratulations to Tongling!

Oct 21, 2017: Prof. Chun Chen attended the 10th International Symposium on Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (ISHVAC 2017), Jinan, China. A conference paper "Shi, S., Chen, C.* Assessment of reduction in indoor PM2.5 of outdoor origin by using nanofiber filters as window screens. Paper 1330" was presented.

Oct 11, 2017: Prof. Chun Chen received research funding from the Boeing Company. "Developing a new nozzle for reducing particle deposition in aircraft cabins". The Boeing Company, Research and Development Project, No. 2017-GT-105, USD90,000 (~HKD702,000), 10/2017 to 09/2018.

Sep 26, 2017: Prof. Chun Chen gave a talk entitled "Indoor air quality control in smart buildings" in the NSFC-CUHK Symposium: Theory and Application of Smart City Research, Hong Kong, China. This event is organized by National Natural Science Found of China and the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Aug 18, 2017: Prof. Chun Chen received a grant from NSFC. "A method for estimating indoor PM2.5 of both outdoor and indoor origin based on monitoring data". National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), Young Scientist Program, RMB250,000 (~HKD293,000), No. 51708474, 01/2018 to 12/2020.

Aug 02, 2017: Dr. Chao-Hsin Lin from the Boeing Company visited our group. We discussed the progress of our collaborative research project "Developing a new nozzle for reducing particle deposition in aircraft cabins".

Jul 31, 2017: Tongling Xia and Yue Pan joined our group as Ph.D. students. Tongling graduated from Hunan University. Yue graduated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology. Welcome!

Jul 30, 2017: The website of CUHK Building Energy and Environment Laboratory is lauched.